Driving Lessons Gawler

Driver Intuition Lessons in Gawler

Looking for an affordable driving school in Gawler? Want professional instructors with years of experience who can help you get to your P1s as soon as possible? Want to become a confident, safe and skilled driver? Then you need Driver Intuition. We provide lessons to learner drivers in Gawler to help them build their skills and awareness, and pass their VORT or log book tasks with flying colours.


For those who want to learn on an automatic car, we have a great modern Kia Rio. Learning in an automatic is great for those who want to start out easy, or those who know they will be driving an automatic as their first car.


For those who wish to take manual driving lessons in Gawler, Driver Intuition has a Kia Hatchback. The Kia Rio is a safe and inviting vehicle to learn the life-long skill of manual driving and clutch control.

It’s easy to get started with Driver Intuition. For more information or to make a time for an initial lesson, call us on 0404 856 834 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.